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Acne Treatments Townsville

Proven Acne Treatments for Clear Skin & Restored Confidence

Having acne is emotionally draining. I lost my confidence and just wanted to hide away and not go out and you grow tired of over the counter solutions that just didn’t work. They all fail to deliver the hype on the box or in the ads.
The big problem with over the counter solutions is that you are just guessing how to treat the problem and wasting money. What you really need is a proper skin diagnosis and a professional acne treatment plan.

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Just 3 months of treatments 3 wks apart

Free Skin Consultation

At Bayside Beauty we have qualified skin care therapists who are specialise in several acne treatments (see below) to help give you back your skin. The best way to find out which acne treatment is best for your skin is to book a 30-minute complimentary consultation. No obligation. Just a friendly chat.

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Acne Treatments at Beauty Bayside Townsville

Here are some out proven acne treatments that will help clear your skin.

Steam and Squeeze Extraction Facial

This is designed to extract those unwanted pimples and breakouts, reducing the time they are visible and send them on the path to repair.

These treatments were designed for the Teenagers in mind but is good for anyone who suffers extreme breakouts and want to get them under control.

30 minutes Extraction Facial $60


Annoyed by breakouts?  IPL is the most effective way to reduce them fast.. IPL uses flashes of light over the effected area, triggering a biochemical response that kills the bacteria within the breakouts. It’s not only effective….it’s quick (you can do it in your lunch hour or the kids can come after school)
Acne Zap the Zits session is great by itself but even better when coupled with a micro or 30min extraction facial treatment .
So if you’re ready to get those zits under control, book yours now

Zap the Zits 30 minute session $65.


This is a deep exfoliation process that can be quite relaxing. If exfoliates the skin, as well as creates a lymphatic drainage process helping to rid of skin toxins. We love to couple this with SSLED light therapy which is set to the blue light that bathes your skin to kill P-acne bacteria.

Microdermabrasion Session $99

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light

Stronger targeted treatment than the SSLED, used when Grade 2 or 3 acne is present, or spot treatments available for the one off inflamed breakout. Treating once week can reduce the spots overnight in some cases.

$35 Spot Treatment
$65 30 minute IPL Zap the Zits Session

SSLED Photo Light Therapy

BY using a certain spectrum, of light it triggers amazing reactions in the skin. With acne, we treat with a blue light that helps kill off P-acne bacteria. This can be done by its self or with most other treatments, if you have severe acne a 1/2 hr treatment twice a week can go along way to reducing your acne condition fast.

30 minute session $50

Alkaline Treatments

Special DMK formulation that is perfect for Acne scarring, breakout and restrengthening the skin.

DMK works to correct the function in the skin and regulate the oil secretions as well as loosening the oil deposits, those blocked pores, cystic acne and debris build up in skin.

Before completing any Alkaline treatments we support the skin with specialised skin care and DMK enzyme treatments.

Sessions from $190

Say Goodbye to Acne

Call 07 4771 2122 to speak to a skin care therapist.