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Teenage Acne and Treatments that help So why do I suffer from Acne?

Teenagers go through so many changes in the Teen years. Hormone influx’s, changes to their bodies, growth spurts are all part of becoming young adults. The look of acne can cause a lack of confidence and affect them greatly through the most special part of their lives.

So why do we get acne?

When your hormones increase it has a roll-on effect on your sebaceous gland. This gland controls the oil flow and production. When you are hit with an influx of hormones increasing your androgen levels in your body, it can trigger a higher level of sebum production. This changes in skin cells function, whilst changes in diet can trigger inflammation. And if that isn’t enough to deal with, if your skin cell turnover is poor it then becomes a wonderful atmosphere for P-Acne Bacteria to start taking over.

What is the P-Acne Bacteria?

Propionibacterium acne bacteria is a natural occurring bacteria in our skin. However, when it is trapped in the hair follicle it creates an atmosphere where it can multiple out of control, causing the acne lesions you may experience on your skin.

How do I treat my Acne?

There are many ways to help Teenagers with acne. First of all, a good diet is essential for helping maintain a healthy skin. Vitamins, minerals like Zinc, Vitamin C and EFA’s all great for helping control and improve acne skin. Avoid Sugary drinks, highly processed foods and lots of complex carbs, these are usually high in sugar or convert to sugar which then feeds the inflammation problem. Some teenagers are sensitive to dairy and therefore have their diet checked by a dietitian to work through what to avoid. Regular skin treatments are a must, we need to work on oil and P-acne regulation and removing any breakouts to help the skin clear. Correct products are also a must. With incorrect product use, we often see that the skin has been dried out to much which then does not allow the oil to flow naturally, causing more breakouts, build up and inflammation.

Getting the right products for your skin should be done in a skin consultation. Book your free skin consultation

What treatments are available for me?

Lucky, we have heaps of treatments available these days that can help you get your skin looking good. Here is a list of treatments that may help your acne. But the best way to find out what is best for your skin is to book a 30 minute complimentary consultation to discuss your skin as no 2 acne skins are alike.

Micro dermabrasion

This is a deep exfoliation process that can be quite relaxing. It exfoliates the skin, as well as creates a lymphatic drainage process helping to rid the skin of toxins. We love to couple this with SSLED light therapy which is set to the blue light that bathes your skin to kill of that nasty P-acne bacteria. Our microdermabrasion includes professional extractions to free you from some of those nasty breakouts you experience from teenage acne conditions. Book a Microdermabrasion Treatment


Intense Pulsed Light – Stronger targeted treatment than the SSLED, used when Grade 2 or 3 acne is present, Or spot treatments available for the odd inflamed breakout. Treating once a week can reduce the spots done overnight in some cases. Zap the Zits is our new 30minute IPL treatment to start getting the skin under control. 1-2 treatments a week can vastly improve the skin. (People on Roaccutane cannot have this treatment) Book Zap the Zits

Steam and Squeeze Extraction Facial

Not to be done at home! If you extract a pimple, you can damage the cell wall not only hurting yourself but spreading the bacteria making the problem worse. Let the professional do this for you. This facial is designed to extract those unwanted pimples and breakouts, reducing the time they are visible and send them on the path to repair. These treatments were designed for the Teenagers in mind but is good for anyone who suffers extreme breakouts and want to get them under control. 30minute Extraction Facial $60 Book a Steam and Squeeze Facial


Light Therapy. By using a certain spectrum of light, it triggers amazing reactions in the skin. With acne we treat with a blue light that help kill off that P-acne bacteria. This can be done by itself or with most other treatments, if severe acne a ½ hr treatment twice a week can go along way to reducing your acne condition fast. Book a SSLED Treatment

Alkaline Treatments

Special DMK formulation that is prefect for Acne scarring, breakouts and restrengthening the skin. DMK works to correct the function in the skin and regulate the oil secretions as well as loosening the oil deposits, those blocked pores, cystic acne and debris build up in the skin. Before completing any Alkaline treatments, we support the skin with specialised skincare and DMK enzyme treatments.

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