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What is Sugaring:

 Sugaring is a completely natural method of removing hair from the whole body. Its natural, organic ingredients – sugar, water and lemon makes it is hypoallergenic and antiseptic making it especially suitable for people with sensitive skin and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. 

This technique is so gentle that it is possible to sugar on top of eczema or psoriasis and it can actually help to alleviate and it can even reduce the symptoms of these conditions. This is a technique which has been endorsed by Dermatologists as a safe and effective method of hair removal, for those with sensitive skin, and mild psoriasis or eczema.

Due to this gentleness, sugar paste can be applied more than once to the same area and it exfoliates only dead skin cells and not live skin cells which happens with waxing!

With Sugaring, hairs are removed in the direction of growth leaving no broken hairs behind, and therefore NO ingrown hairs.  Over a period of time, regular treatments result in  reduction of hair re-growth.  The result is soft, smooth, skin after your sugar treatments.

Why is professional sugaring hair removal safe for eczema and psoriasis ?

Sugaring is safe for these conditions because it will not further damage the skin. The process will gently exfoliate the skin cell accumulation in the effected eczema or psoriasis areas. But that’s not where the sugaring stops… There are triple-instant benefit from the sugaring.
It has a natural healing property… making it an ideal natural product to exfoliate damaged skin! As you mould the sugar paste over the affected area, it starts to promote healing. Repeating this process to remove the sugar paste simultaneously serves as a gentle exfoliation and healing procedure.

Let’s not forget that we are removing the hair to!.

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