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What is the buzz we keep hearing about
sugaring, let us fill you in!

With the correct sugaring method, you only remove the hair in the natural direction of the hair growth, unlike waxing where it is removed against the hair growth, causing more pain and possible follicle breakages and risk of ingrown. Yuk!
So how is it different, well AP sugaring is performed at body temperature. The sugar pastes adheres to the hair, not the skin, and lubricate the root for easier extraction from the follicle. Combined with the hair removal in the natural direction of growth, AP sugaring means a much more comfortable experience for everyone.
So what happens in a sugar treatment. Your therapist takes out a small ball of what looks like runny toffee (it’s actually just sugar, lemon and arnica) from the pot and rolls it expertly in her hands before pushing it onto my legs against the hair growth. This fills the hair follicle, lubricating it and help extract your fuzz from the root. Then it’s time to remove with some small short flicks and surprisingly, it hurts less than waxing, as our therapist uses a flicking motion to whisk it off in the direction of the hair growth, rather than against it, as they do with waxing. The result is less hair breakage and since hairs only need to be 2-3weeks growth, you are removing them when they are still attached to the blood supply, which weakens the follicle over time and results in less growth.
Our clients are so impressed with the difference in their regrowth of hair with some of our clients going 6 weeks or more in between their treatments. If you haven’t tried sugaring yet, maybe now’s the time to experience a new kind of wax!!

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