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I just love a great massage. But what massage should I choose?

We look at hot stone and relaxation massage.

A lot of people believe hot stone massage is hot stones placed on your back and left there, but this is not the case at all. Although initially the placement stones a placed on a towel or covering to warm the area such as your back, the stones are never left on the skin. Hot stone massage uses massage techniques incorporating warmed stones to full relax and loosen tight muscles. It does this by expanding the blood vessels encouraging the blood to move more freely through the area.

The unique part with stones is it’s able to help release muscle tension without having to apply to much pressure to the area that is being treated, which is great for people who don’t like the more intense knot defying massages. This massage is like a warm hug leaving you with a feeling of total relaxation while addressing those tight spots.

Relaxation massage uses massage techniques with the therapist hands doing the work, the pressure can range from light to firm depending on the needs of the individual. So why does it feel so relaxing having a therapist massage your body? Relaxation massage promotes the release of endorphins which can leave you feeling on cloud 9 after your treatment. I love this massage when I just need to switch off and relax totally
After trying both, I find it hard to choose one which I like more.

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