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Rosacea is a condition or should I say disease that causes redness and inflammation in the face and eyes. It can consist of pimples and pustules in areas and in advanced cases have the thickening of the skin. Treatment for this includes lifestyle changes, and ongoing treatments and prescribed home care for management and improvement. Rosacea has no cure; however the correct treatments can vastly improve the clients skin.

This client we have used alkaline treatments/ quick peel flushing treatments to flush the stagnant capillaries and get the good circulation back into the skin along with enzyme treatments. Client also had 3 laser treatments for larger capillaries damage.
This client’s prescription has changed as the skin has improved. Milk cleanser, Betagel for skin immunity, Direct delivery C for strengthening and good collagen building, herb and pigment oil with herb and mineral spray to re-engage the skins acid mantle and Biogen C for reducing the redness / betagen for hydration at night along. Incorporating Red vein crème and RevisA for strengthening and rebuilding once the skin got stronger. Micro peel and foaming lift and exderma as a masque weekly, alternating with acu-masque to help with the breakouts.

Internally, whole changes made included eliminating certain foods including dairy, spices, garlic, gluten, food and drinks high in sugars, using DMK EFA’s, Digestive Tune-up, and Maintaining with Pre/Probiotics and Vitamins B.

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