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Kirsty suffered from adult acne effected by diet and hormones. This type of acne included pimples and cystic like acne lumps through her chin and cheek area mainly. Kirsty wanted to be able to wear no makeup and have clear skin.

Kirsty has been having DMK Alkaline and Enzyme Treatments for 4 months every 3 weeks. These treatments help remodel the skin to reduce the scarring from old breakouts and help fight against the P acne bacteria as well as help the function of the skin to improve. Kirsty made changes to her diet including reducing dairy products consumed.

Kirsty uses Acu-klense, Acu-mist, betagel and direct delivery C, Acu-therm, Acu-crème, weekly mask and Micro peel exfoliant
Kirsty skin now gets the minimal breakouts that now go away quiet fast as opposed to sticking around for a few weeks. Further treatments are now focusing on scar revision.

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